Session 1

Session 1

In our first session the party members had all received a charter from the royal house in Brevoy to explore and if possible build upon the frontier lands. Our first staging point took part in the location of Oleg’s trading post. The last bastion of so call civilization as well as our current base of operations to work out of.

Our first mission was to assist Oleg in dealing with the local bandit’s who were terrorizing him and his wife. They had taken to coming and demanding a protection fee for protecting them from further outside threats as well as having stolen his wife’s ring. We able to deal with these bandits, encountering and capturing two of them. One named Happs a lieutenant for a bandit named the Stag Lord who seems to run the bandit groups in the land. We also learned there seemed to be lesser leaders running the separate bandit groups and Happs’s direct leader was a woman named Kressle(who is to directly quote Happs "Is into all kinda of freaky shit), whom supposedly has Oleg’s wife’s ring. After questioning of Happs, Oleg took swift revenge for all of his troubles.

The other bandit we captured, having been charmed, was led to believe he was free to go and he set out. The party gave him a slight lead and then set about following him to the camp of his fellow bandits and Kressle.

On our travels we encountered a large boar, which became a large supply of salty bacon HMMMM. We also encountered (and barely escaped with our lives) a Will-o_wisp that was appeased by the smartest character in our group, Wyre, with future promise of a well deserved meal from a shining subject of the Whispering Wisp Mother.



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