• christopher santhemum

    christopher santhemum

    nature is the only law worth noting.
  • Lexi May

    Lexi May

    22 yr old female human monk; white blonde hair, pale green eyes, 5'4'', 120 lbs.,
  • Jan Petyr Surtova

    Jan Petyr Surtova

    Sir Jan-Petyr Surtova of Brevoy, knight of the Surtova and not a fan of the Aldari swordlords.
  • Wyre Windsofpast

    Wyre Windsofpast

    Wyre is a haggard old looking pale blue skinned woman. She wears her poorly died black hair long and tangled, adorned with small creature skulls woven in. Her white pupils allow her to put up the act of being an old feeble blind woman. Her nails long and