Jan Petyr Surtova

Sir Jan-Petyr Surtova of Brevoy, knight of the Surtova and not a fan of the Aldari swordlords.


Jan Petyr Surtova. He’s a knight or what some might call a ‘hussar’ in service of the Crown of Brevoy. When not in combat he usually wears a dark blue cloak, connected by a bronze chain at the neck, and lined with grey fur over his knee length black tabard, split along the legs and cinched at the waist with a belt decorated at the buckle with the Surtova emblem of a grey ship on black and blue. His boots are high riding boots, buckled at the knee with rough leather chapped trousers usually hidden under his tabard. He wears black gloves lined with grey fur as well that cover his hands while his grey tunic sloves cover the rest of his arms. He keeps his hair long but held back with a connected braid that begins just above both his ears and connects in the middle at the back. His hair is shoulder length and black. His eyes are brown but his skin is fair and his face chiseled in the cheeks much like that of a Polish noble, with no beard.


To be asked ICly.

Jan Petyr Surtova

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